Our Light Shade Galleries are made in the UK and in France. We stock a variety of styles and sizes all made of solid brass available in antique brass, polished brass or chrome plated finishes.

The galleries on our Website show all the relevant dimensions when you rollover the image or select the finish.

Your shade must have a rim to use the galleries with 3 screws.

2¼" (61mm) wide - this fits a shade with a 2" (51mm) rim.
3¼" (84mm) wide - this fits a shade with a 3" (76mm) rim.
4¼" (114mm) wide - this fits a shade with a 4" (101mm) rim.
6"    (165mm) wide - this fits a 6" gallery with a 6" (152mm  rim)

The screws on the sides of the gallery tighten onto the rim of the lightshade, so as long as your shade is not bigger that the width of the gallery that's OK. You can go a bit smaller as the screws are 20mm long.

Then you need to select the size of lampholder you are using. For an ES lampholder select a gallery with a 38mm hole. For a Bayonet Cap lampholder select a gallery with a 22mm hole in the top. Our spring clip galleries are for rimless lamp shades with no lip.

Please see our videos on the right to help you select the correct gallery for your choice of shade and if your require a simple step by step guide see our Blog: How to hang a rimmed light shade.

For more information on Light Shades please see our Light Shade Information page